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Welcome Message

Welcome to the Dancing Dragons Community Website. Our mission is to empower people around the world to further “dial up” the quality of their Personal & Professional lives through the seven simple strategies contained within our first book, Dancing Dragon or Headless Chicken - Unleashing the Leader in You. Through this website, our books, our blogs, and our seminars, we will empower you to “Step Up” to be able to live a even more fulfilling and successful life - To be a Dancing Dragon.

Most people we meet are not exploiting their full potential and so our initial message is “You are better than you think you are”. What we are coaching you to do is to dial up your skills and as a result, reap the rich rewards of doing so. The first action is to go to work on ourselves, learn to lead ourselves better so that we can then lead others better. Many of us lead others better than we lead ourselves, which limits our potential and often results in stress, frustration and other “Headless Chicken” behavior.

Welcome again to our community and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to play some part in assisting you “Dial Up your Personal & Professional Life”.


Upwards & Onwards 

Dr. Robert Kirby

The Difference Maker